Flosum is better than Salesforce Migration tool!

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Automatic tracking & governance

Flosum automatically tracks every change to an org. Developers are held accountable for their actions, and all changes to production can be tracked to the source. Salesforce ANT migration tool stores all the changes in a file which can be manipulated.


Enterprise-wide visibility & collaboration

Your team is spread out in different geographic zones and time zones? No problem! Flosum shows all the changes done to an org, latest code level in each org as well as the person responsible for the change. No need to communicate via email for mundane questions. Can the ANT migration tool be used by multiple developers? No.


Compare orgs

Flosum can compare any two orgs, or it can compare the same org at any two points in time. Flosum can compare all the programmatic or declarative components.


Reduced Deployment time

Manual deployment can pull in a lot dependent components during deployment, thereby increasing deployment time. Flosum efficiently deploys the minimum set of components and greatly reduces the deployment time.


Point & click deployment

Flosum is like Salesforce – there is no coding required. All application lifecycle management tasks can be completed without any coding or automation scripts.


No hardware required

Salesforce ANT migration tool is typically run on UNIX servers. Flosum completely runs on the Salesforce platform. You don’t need any Unix servers or won’t additional hardware for your release management capabilities.