Keep All Your Salesforce Sandboxes in Sync Using Flosum Pipelines!

As a Salesforce developer, you’d agree that the core aim of Salesforce development is to quickly deliver innovations that too with the fastest velocity possible. Yet, it is easier said than done.  Usually, certain challenges curb the momentum and often slow down the process between development and go-live.

Keeping sandboxes in sync with other sandboxes in the ecosystem and the org is one such major challenge and Flosum has just the antidote you would need to solve it. Flosum makes the synchronization process extremely quick and easy.

Today, we bring you an even faster to keep all your Sandboxes in sync using Flosum Pipelines.

Easy Way to Keep All Your Sandboxes in Sync

This tip will show you how easy it is to keep your sandboxes up to date with the latest changes to your Production Org.

A Flosum Pipeline is an easy-to-use template you can create for linking together multiple deployments and test steps together. We will show you how you do this in Flosum.

Below is a typical Development Flow using Flosum. The Dark Black line is what we will be doing.

Easy Tip to Sync Salesforce Sandboxes
Best Practices Application Development Flow

This is the Pipelines view in Flosum

Pipelines view in Flosum

We will be using the Backpromotion pipeline to sync our sandboxes by doing the following steps.

Backpromotion pipeline to sync our sandboxes


  1. From the Branch record you are in, click on the Run pipeline button.
  2. Select the Backpromotion pipeline, then click Run pipeline.
  3. Your sandboxes will now be updated with the latest changes.

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