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Bring together people, processes, and technology to optimize, visualize, and govern business value flow through your entire Salesforce ecosystem.
An all-in-one solution for requirements management, version control, deployments and regression testing.

The most innovative solution

Designed with a “clicks not code” approach to achieve the goals that Salesforce developers require, allowing changes to components limited by Git-based solutions, keeping orgs in sync, and executing deployments quicker than ever before.

Perfect Integration with GIT & other
leading DevOps tools

Built to work in the most sophisticated DevOps environments, including integration with Git, Jira, Azure DevOps, Selenium, and many other tools that our clients require.

Delivers more value than any other Salesforce DevOps solution.

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Flosum is far superior to other tools out there. We switched to Flosum for its unique solutions and ease of use. Our team looked at Git-hub and VSTS but both tools caused issues and tedious work as they weren’t built to handle Salesforce. Since Flosum is native to Salesforce, the UI was familiar to our developers and implementation was fast. All around excellent product.

Rajesh Patil Chief Digital Officer at Digital Align

Built for Admins and Citizen Developers

Admins are awesome. And Flosum empowers them to do more. Our click-not-code functionality for DevOps covers all operations seamlessly. We level the playing field, making DevOps (or should we start calling it AdminOps) accessible to the entire team.

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We give developers full-scale power tools they need, in the ways they’ve always wanted. Developers save hundreds of hours of time with our full-powered solution.

Flosum has made profile and permissions sets migration a breeze. We’ve saved so much time by not having to do the manual activities of profile migration.

Gnana Silaparasetti Salesforce Administrator at Amazon

With Flosum we simplified our release process from 12 steps to 5 simple steps… achieving a 40% operational efficiency increase, better reporting capabilities and dependable backups with no manual activities. Overall a cleaner implementation with better unit testing.

Sindhuja Gurumurthy Senior Manager, Salesforce CRM Practice at Citrix Systems

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