Valpak Customer Story


Valpak is a direct marketing company providing print and digital advertising solutions and coupons to consumers across the U.S. Through a network of over 130 franchises, the company delivers its iconic Blue Envelope of local business advertising to an audience of 36 million households each month. 

Over the course of five decades, Valpak has transformed its business in many ways, including designing and building an automated, state-of-the-art printing facility that prints 1.5 billion inserts per month. Recently, the company focused transformational efforts on its sales processes to eliminate paper and legacy systems by leveraging the Salesforce platform and ecosystem of partners. 


Once Valpak began the extensive project of leveraging the Salesforce platform, they realized that innovation would be the key to their success. But they quickly found that their change management and development processes lacked efficiency, and developers were working long hours to complete their tasks. In order to fuel the rapid innovation desired, the processes and systems for internal operations needed its own digital transformation.

There was no lifecycle management or a repository to create the customized processes and flows necessary to run the business properly. Since sensitive customer data was stored in Salesforce that needed to be kept safe, security was a critical challenge. Valpak needed a solution that would give them complete control over their change management processes and allow them to innovate at higher efficiency and speed. 


Flosum’s model of continual innovation aligned with Valpak’s mission, and Valpak began utilizing Flosum to propel their innovation using continuous integration release management. The speed to lead (turnaround time when a customer reaches out to Valpak) shortened dramatically. Documentation is now received by the right individuals so they can better understand clients’ needs, improving lead generation, and customer satisfaction. 

Valpak can now run IT solutions and innovate on the Salesforce platform more quickly and efficiently. Flosum has cut down the efforts on Valpak’s Development team by a minimum of 50%, and the Valpak team is thrilled to log off and fully enjoy their weekends again. Valpak now has the ability to react swiftly to market dynamics to not only maintain a competitive advantage but understand and fulfill their customers’ needs. Flosum ultimately helped provide Valpak with a release management process that enables the organization to scale without fear of process failure.

Tim Haig headshot“Valpak is able to innovate its solution 3x faster than before with Flosum. It also allows us to move development changes through with complete confidence. Flosum fits into our data governance model by helping us maintain our test environments, simplify data migration, and by offering better visibility into release management across large-scale projects.”

– Tim Haig, Solutions Architect at Valpak