The Hotels Network Customer Story


The Hotels Network is an innovative technology company that believes there is extreme power in
personalization and after much research found a gap in the travel space between the quality of the
technology used by larger online players and that of the hotels themselves. Travelers expect a
personalized experience and hotel brands should be able to provide that to them. The Hotels Network’s
mission is to “improve the booking experience and strengthen the relationship between hotel brands
and their guests.”


The Hotels Network needed to speed up their delivery time to deployments and increase their velocity.
They approached Flosum with a project to enhance their SF Development Velocity and a timeline of 2
weeks to find a solution, implement it and get it working. They tried to solve it using human resources,
but it seemed to go nowhere. They decided they needed to get some help from innovative technology
and their current solution, using Salesforce’s change sets, was not going to make them successful – and
that is when they turned to Flosum.

The Hotels Network wanted a solution that was simple and easy to use and leveraged point and click
technology. Employee adoption and satisfaction were also very high on the evaluation list as their team
was small and they needed everyone on the same page. In their ideal world, they wanted a solution
that fostered a consistent, repeatable and predictable outcome.


Since implementing Flosum, The Hotels Network has seen massive returns in as little as 10 months.
Their new developments have been more stable and are save time with deploying with little to zero
errors. Their speed to deployment has increased and their performance continues to rise. They
approached Flosum with a success metric of “finishing the project early,” and they have reached this