Salesforce DevOps Summit

In this virtual summit, you will hear from 6 featured industry leaders as they present the latest methods, tools and key strategies relating to Salesforce DevOps.

Tuesday, April 20th - Thursday, April 22nd from 8 - 9 AM PST


Tune in for Flosum’s Salesforce DevOps Summit, where you will hear from a variety of featured speakers as they present the latest methods, tools and key strategies relating to Salesforce DevOps. In this virtual summit, we will stream 6 sessions from industry leaders, including organization such as: Salesforce, CapGemini, AccelQ, IBM, and more.

Allan Kristensen

Vice President - Solutions Engineering

Girish Jashnani

Founder & CEO

Mohith Shrivastava

Lead Developer Advocate at Salesforce

Guljeet Nagpaul

Chief of Product & Strategy

Jim Hutcherson

Chief Technical Architect

Dipanker Jyoti

Associate Partner, Global Salesforce Assets Lead


DevOps Meets Salesforce "Point and Click" Development

In this session, we'll discuss how to address the needs of Salesforce declarative developers within your DevOps strategy, tooling, and processes. Salesforce development is changing. No Code/Low code has changed the profile of your development team for Salesforce. Cross-platform tools pre-date Salesforce and are not targeted at declarative development and Salesforce Admins. Learn how to address these challenges with Jim and DJ, authors of "The Salesforce Architect's Handbook".

Jim Hutcherson

Author of "Salesforce Architect's Handbook"

Dipanker Jyoti

Author of "Salesforce Architect's Handbook"
Tues, April 20 - 8:00 AM PST WATCH NOW

DevOps in Salesforce with AI-powered Codeless Test Automation

Codeless Test Automation of Salesforce application and it’s integrated application flows can significantly speed up Releases to help align with Continuous delivery. In this session we will cover how ACCELQ and Salesforce have partnered to bring the best cloud platform solution for Salesforce Automated testing.

Guljeet Nagpaul

Chief Product & Strategy at AccelQ
Tues, April 20 - 8:30 AM PST WATCH NOW

Top 5 DevOps Adoption Challenges for Salesforce Apps and How to Mitigate Them

Application Development on Salesforce is different than building software with other technologies. This is primarily because we have developers and admins with different skill levels building apps on the platform.

In this talk, Mohith Shrivastava, a developer advocate, will walk through the top 5 DevOps adoption challenges that Salesforce customers face today and how one can mitigate these.

Mohith Shrivastava

Lead Developer Advocate at Salesforce
Wed, April 21 - 8:00 AM PST WATCH NOW

What to Expect: Trends in Salesforce DevOps

There’s a reason why Salesforce and it’s ecosystem has been paying attention to DevOps more than ever before: Organizations are hopping on the bandwagon and recognizing its value. So what exactly does the future of DevOps look like? And how can we be prepared for these changes and stay ahead of the curve? Join us as Girish Janshani shares insider insight into the future of DevOps and how it may affect you and your organization.

Girish Jashnani

Founder & CEO of Flosum
Wed, April 21 - 8:30 AM PST WATCH NOW

Vlocity Deployment Managment and Data Backup & Recovery

Learn how to easily retrieve, version control and deploy your Vlocity components and get an inside look at the functionality of Flosum's full and partial Data backup and recovery.

Mayank Singh

Salesforce Architect
Thurs, April 22 - 8:00 AM PST WATCH NOW

SaaS Security Management: Mitigating Digital Transformation Risk

Migrating applications to SaaS offer several advantages, such as reduced infrastructure cost, simplified management, and the ability to respond quickly to internal and external user needs. Along with these significant benefits, the transition to SaaS has also introduced vulnerabilities that are often overlooked in the DevOps process. In this session, we will explore an emerging problem space and provide insights on how to effectively harness the risk and increase the speed of the release process.

Allan Kristensen

Vice President, Solutions Engineering at AppOmni
Thurs, April 22 - 8:30 AM PST WATCH NOW

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