Flosum Security

The only solution with no backdoor access to your data Runs 100% on the core Salesforce platform

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Did you know that a typical Salesforce customer spends 6 to 8 months evaluating the Salesforce platform from a security, privacy, data residency, and compliance perspective?

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You trust Salesforce

You trust Salesforce to deliver the highest levels of security, privacy, performance, compliance, and availability!

Leverage your prior due diligence!

You trust Salesforce
Your data is ecured by Salesforce.
Your data is ecured by Salesforce.

All your data is housed and completely secured by Salesforce. Leverage the massive investment that Salesforce puts to protect your data.

All data center services are provided by Salesforce.
All data center services are provided by Salesforce.

Business Continuity, Data center architecture, Storage, Network, Vulnerability monitoring, Telecom, Cybersecurity - are all provided by Salesforce.

100% Сompatible
with Hyperforce

Certified to run on GovCloud and GovCloud+

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With 100% Native Salesforce Solution
As Secure as Fort Knox

As Secure as Salesforce

Secure architecture makes the Flosum solution ideal for the private sector, financial industry, and other security-concious industries.

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