Developers & Architects
Developers & Architects

Modern DevOps Toolkit for Developers

Flosum gives developers a full, end-to-end DevOps platform built how they need it, in ways they’ve always wanted. Developers save hundreds of hours of time with our full-powered solution.

Developers & Architects
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Native Salesforce UI makes learning and adopting Flosum very easy. Powerful change management and DevOps functionality are second to none.

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Advantages for Developers & Architects

Version Control

Powerful version control features built for Salesforce to uniquely handle lightning components and process builder.

Review & Approve Code

Review peer code using Code Pull and approve code using standard approval processes while allowing developers visibility into all changes.

Sandbox Mode

Sync with developer sandboxes at the click of a button. Test applications in developer sandboxes with real data.

Built-In Merge Tools

Flosum can quickly identify conflicts and ensures that no code is overwritten while merging changes between orgs.

Continuous Deployments

Automate your testing to ensure code is ready to be Pushed to production.

Static Code Analysis

Scan for security violations or just errors in your code.

Regression Testing

Boost velocity, quality, and performance of applications into your production org.


Flosum’s platform integrates with many technologies making your deployments secure, easy and simple.

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