Populate Your Developer Sandboxes With Seed Data

Data Migrator

When you first create a developer sandbox or a scratch org, neither environment contains sample data.

The Flosum Data Migrator helps you initialize these environments by allowing you to do the following:

  • Quickly populate test data into the development environment.
  • Migrate all the records at the same time while maintaining the hierarchy between various objects. Many packaged applications, such as Vlocity, Apttus, and nCino, generate numerous configurations in custom objects that can be overwhelming and unnecessary. Because the functionality needs to be migrated to upstream sandboxes, it becomes challenging in these applications to maintain the relationship and hierarchy between various objects.
  • Easily move data upstream from developer sandboxes.

When you use the Data Migrator, the referential integrity between various objects is fully maintained. The relationships defined between various objects in the source org are also copied over into the target/destination org.


The Flosum Data Migrator is built completely on top of the Salesforce platform. It does not use any intermediate servers or platforms. The data from the source org is directly and securely migrated into the production org.

The following screenshot shows the sequence template defined for the various objects that will move from the source org to the target org. The Sequence column (on the right side) shows the order in which the records will be migrated.

The Data Migrator lets you restrict the number of records that will be fetched at each level in the hierarchy. In addition, you can specify the criteria that should be used to migrate the records.

You can also select the columns and fields that you want to move from the source to the target organization. For added security, you can even choose to scramble the information while it is being migrated.

Before moving the data from the source org to the target org, you can perform a dry run to ensure that your target org has enough free space to store the incoming data. The following screenshot shows the results of a sample dry run. You can see the number of records that will be fetched at each level in the hierarchy as well as the total space (in KB) required for the entire migration.


The Flosum Data Migrator helps you migrate test data quickly between previous Salesforce orgs. Just define the data templates declaratively to migrate the test data to the target Salesforce org. This migration maintains parent-child relationships and automatically deduces which parent records to include in the move.