Merging Lightning Components

This article shows how lightning components are merged in Flosum.

In the following screenshot, the AuraB1 branch is being merged with the AuraB2 branch. Note that two lightning components, helloWorldApp and helloWorld, are present in both branches.

Flosum automatically detects that the helloWorldApp component is the same in both the source and the target branch and adds it to the Component that will not be merged list.

Merging Lightning Components

The other component, helloWorld, is added to the Components that will be merged list because it differs between the source and the target branch. In addition to detecting differences in lightning components between branches, Flosum automatically resolves conflicts when it performs a merge.

When a user clicks on Autoresolved (shown in the screenshot above), Flosum shows the list of all the components within the AuraDefinitionBundle. Flosum automatically shows which components are the same and which components have a conflict. The conflict can be resolved as shown in the other articles.

How Flosum automatically resolves conflicts between lightning components

In most other solutions, resolving conflicts between lightning components is very difficult. Flosum makes this process painless by providing conflict detection and automatic resolution of differences between the source and target. All it takes is a few clicks on your part, and Flosum does the rest!