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Controlled by our founders, we are accountable to you, our customers and our partners.
Our financial health comes from having great products and outstanding service.

Founder-funded companies:

  • Constantly innovate to serve their customers
  • Provide top-of-the-line customer service
  • Use cash flow wisely for sustained long-term operations

Venture-backed companies:

  • Yield to external pressures from investors
  • Raise prices to show top-line growth
  • Have to spend cash based in a given time on objectives set by investors

Founder-funded companies clearly outlast venture-backed companies in Salesforce.

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There is no difference between a venture-backed firm and bootstrapped firm after a certain revenue stage!

Jason Lemkin CEO SaaStr, VentureCapitalist and Entrepreneur

A Culture of Sustainable Innovation

As a founder-led company, Flosum is not beholden to outside investors. While many other tech companies are focused on “growth at any cost”, we are free to focus on innovation, great products and outstanding service.

We take pride in having a company culture where customers and employees are happy, innovation is valued, and quality always matters.

Traditional founder-led businesses perform 3.1x better on average than non-founder-led companies. Harvard Business Review

74% of high-growth venture-backed startups fail due to premature scaling, according to research by the Startup Genome Project

Growing off of your own success and profits requires a lot of slow and difficult work. But after experiencing both sides of the equation, I know bootstrapping offers enormous advantages over the VC-funded route.

Jessica Rovello co-founder of Arkadium

Sacrifice and discipline…can indeed deliver the motivation and flexibility necessary to build a sustainable, profitable business. This is the holy grail for any founder, after all.

Qasim Mohammad founder of Repshift