Deployment on Salesforce can be time-consuming and take forever! This often becomes a sore point for Salesforce developers as most salesforce developers in the ecosystem of development are not experts in release management. As Salesforce developers, we want to develop! We don’t want to spend all of our time on tests or worrying about deployments, we want to be able to develop. Therefore, a robust release management tool that does the heavy lifting for us, helps take the stress of deployment, and shortens the release cycles while also improving the development process is just what Salesforce developers love.

In the post-COVID 19 world, as enterprises rank IT and business alignment as their top priority, they too realize the critical need for a one-stop app release management solution to empower smaller Salesforce developer teams for better collaboration, to save time and quickly adapt solutions to the dynamic landscape.

As a fully native release management and version control system, Flosum does that and much more. It can help save time, improve development team productivity, increase release cycle velocity, quality for faster deployment. Here’s how:

Complete End-To-End Solution

Many large organizations have all kinds of tools such as Git, Jenkins, and testing tools but it doesn’t work perfectly for Salesforce because the environment is different. Therefore, Flosum, a fully native release management and version control system is purpose-built for the Salesforce platform to help meet the unique needs intuitively becomes critical. As a complete app release management solution, Flosum has built-in merge tools, version control, continuous deployments, static code analysis, user story management & regression testing tools. Additionally, Flosum has a strong partnership with Salesforce, and not only is it aligned with their DX and product strategy it also has a concurrent release strategy and Go-to-market alignment. As your one-stop complete deployment management tool all built-in on Salesforce, For Salesforce, Flosum significantly reduces deployment time in your applications. While the other tools integrate with some source control for branch management and conflict resolution, Flosum does all that in Salesforce.

100% Native & Fast Deployments 

If Salesforce created a configure only deployment tool, it would be what Flosum is! As a 100% Salesforce native application, Flosum offers a fully native version control solution that outperforms changesets or complex Git-based approaches. Unlike other app release management solutions on the market, it uses neither Amazon web services or Heroku. Moreover, it leverages the familiar Salesforce’s simple UI for all actions which ensures faster deployment for those invested in the Salesforce ecosystem. Considering it is  native because of that charts, metrics, data are very quick and are easy to link to all of the developer’s sandboxes and orgs which helps in faster deployment.

Better Version Control

Because of the native version control feature, the deployments are faster than most other app release management tool. Although version control is of critical importance to help developers maintain a separate branch for each project and keep track of multiple versions, presently most developers do not use any version control. Even Salesforce developers in large organizations develop on Sandboxes and rely on sandbox environments to move code and configurations. Code overwrites happen all the time, there have been so many instances where you have one developer accidentally overwrite another code, or maybe the admin is making a change in a QA environment for a hotfix, and then developers release and overwrite it. Managing all the different versions, merging of the conflicts of the code can be challenging in the Salesforce environment. Therefore, Flosum offers a native version control that is more advanced than GIT and can distribute branches as necessary which ensures faster deployment. Flosum also allows one-click ‘Org Impact Analysis’ and evaluation to avoid unintended overwrites. Further, even as Flosum has its own repository, it also integrates with Git Based version control and helps keep orgs and sandboxes in sync as well as in seeding those sandboxes with the right test data that’s meaningful to help developers rest assured that they are coding with quality.

Extensible and customizable

Flosum is capable of a large set of integrations with third-party tools such as GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab to Azure, etc. in the marketplace compared to other Salesforce app release management tools. This ability to integrate with GIT and other leading DevOps Tools helps increase development team productivity, accelerate release velocity, and improve release quality while maintaining the tightest security and governance standards. 

Supports easy automated deployments and easy rollback

Deployments are difficult! But because of how Flosum can automate the deployments, all critical DevOps processes are seamlessly integrated and automated. Based on how Flosum handles the Salesforce environment, the usual deployment of what earlier took 24 hours can be reduced to under an hour. Thus, the DevOps team can easily create an automated CI/CD pipeline as well as have complete visibility of all release CI/CD pipelines and the DevOps cycle. As a result, developers can deploy faster, improve their productivity, and drive faster releases. Interestingly, deployment apart, Flosum’s ability to clone deployment packages in seconds or even roll back in just one click allows Salesforce Developers to correct any errors and expedite deployment.

As the preferred choice for fast, efficient deployments, Flosum is helping developers, Salesforce admins, and architects accelerate deployments, release faster, and deliver more value. With Flosum, we make deployments fast, easy, and hassle-free. Shorten your release and deployment cycle with Flosum today!

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