Government Agency Customer Story

A large state government department is focused on protecting and enhancing the state’s natural resources. This agency’s mission is to teach young adults to conserve their state’s natural resources, respond to emergencies and disaster situations and become strong state citizens through volunteer work.


Salesforce is a pivotal part of their strategy, acting as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that handles HR, project management, billing/invoicing, recruiting, and more. Upkeep and development of this instance requires a lot of code, and the organization was using changesets to manage the work of up to 16 different developers and admins for approximately 30 different environments. With this method, some changes were not being captured, there were too many time-consuming steps in the process, managers had difficulty keeping track of changes, and errors that made it to production were not easily mitigated. 

As a governmental department, they needed a secure solution to solve these problems, and the ability to scale their operations which changesets didn’t offer. There was a huge need for visibility, and with a large team now working remotely, they were having extreme difficulty understanding who was making which changes by monitoring emails or spreadsheets.


The agency knew there had to be a better way. After evaluating multiple release management solutions, they realized Flosum’s solution was different – it was contained within an environment so no sensitive data would ever need to be transferred, whereas competitors required their customers to work with separate applications which added substantial security risks. 

Working within the government meant that they could not afford to compromise their data, and needed to comply with heightened security and data laws. “The fact that there is this type of software that can manage things in an easier fashion than changesets, and the possibility of more easily migrating work between orgs changed our outlook. We didn’t even realize the possibilities before Flosum.” said an IT Associate at the agency. The agency installed Flosum and immediately began to see changes in their release management processes and automation where work was done manually before. 


By adopting the Flosum solution, the agency now saves an average of 10 working hours per project, and remains 100% compliant. Since they no longer manage all items in different environments, this allowed them to automatically store all changes within one branch for deployment, keeping all changes accounted for. “With Flosum, we can now focus more on the quality of work rather than chasing down all the parts of the system. By monitoring changes made with Flosum, we can review and migrate code quicker and more easily between each version.” a user states, “We are always aware of what’s going on in the process now, manual steps have been removed, and we can focus on getting everything else done for the project.”  

With the extra hours given by automating time-consuming manual steps, the team can provide better user training tools to support changes, and correctly produce timely releases that the agency can count on to make their mission a success.