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Flosum is a complete end-to-end solution including built-in merge tools, version control, continuous deployments, static code analysis, user story management, sandbox synchronization, regression testing tools & more. Flosum is completely built on Salesforce, for Salesforce. Want to see our Application Development Flow?

Truly Complete Solution

While Flosum is fully integrated with GIT, we also offer our own native version control, built specifically for Salesforce development, which smoothly handles merging of declarative, programmatic, and complex components. Want to Check out our Native Version Control System?

Better Version Control

Learn how to manage the Salesforce cloud with confidence. Flosum, the 

#1 rated app on AppExchange, is the only native DevOps solution on 

the market to easily manage Salesforce.

As a native app, we extend and leverage Salesforce’s integration capabilities. Flosum can integrate with pretty much any other tool, application, or system in the Salesforce ecosystem. Want to see how we integrate with Git? 

Integrate It All

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