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End to End DevOps Solution
for Salesforce

Flosum is a complete end-to-end solution including built-in merge tools, version control, continuous deployments, static code analysis, user story management & regression testing tools. Flosum is completely built on Salesforce, for Salesforce.

Native Version Control for

While Flosum is fully integrated with GIT, we also offer our own native version control, built specifically for Salesforce development, which smoothly handles merging of declarative, programmatic, and complex components.

Robust Integrations - Git,
Jira, Azure DevOps, others

As a native app, we extend and leverage Salesforce’s integration capabilities. Flosum can integrate with pretty much any other tool, application, or system in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Unparalleled Security,
Government Cloud Ready

Flosum is the only cloud solution for Salesforce that does not require you to open your IP ranges or provide external access to your production org. All other vendors will have backdoor access to your production data, but with Flosum data is always stored on the Salesforce platform.

In the public sector, security of our data is a top priority and that’s why we chose Flosum. Unlike every other release management solution, they are the only application authorized to run on the government cloud. If data security is a top priority, Flosum should be your release management tool, hands down.

Salesforce Admin Salesforce Government Contractor

Flosum is far superior to other tools out there. We switched to Flosum for its unique solutions and ease of use.

Salesforce Developer Federal Government Agency

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