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Not just release management, complete lifecycle management.
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Built on Salesforce, Built for Salesforce

Version Control

The only version control completely built on the Salesforce platform. Simple and easy to use, it has the same powerful features of your favorite version control. All the power of GIT without its complexity!

Automatic Rollback

Oops! Did that deployment fail? No need to panic or refresh the environment. Just click the Rollback button to undo the changes and restore the environment to the original state.

Review code & give feedback to developers

Flosum is completely built on the Salesforce platform.
Use Chatter, connect, engage, and motivate your co-workers to work efficiently across the organization. See their latest updates and give them feedback.

Integration with Agile Accelerator

Business analysts and product managers can be confused about where to test. Flosum gives full visibility into which feature is available where. Time to stop mundane conversations and have high-yield discussions!

Continuous Integration

Fond of Jenkins, Anthill Pro and Clumus CI? You are not alone. We have the complete, automated Continuous Integration solution. No servers to install, no services to monitor. Just click to configure your CI processes.

24×7 support. Count on us
to be there for you!
Complete Org visibility

Flosum provides a complete 360-degree view of every org. Track every deployment to the org down to the component level.

Manage multiple work streams

Most developers work on multiple releases at the same time. Flosum helps to keep track of multiple work streams and multiple releases concurrently.

support for all
metadata types
Simple, powerful architecture

No footprint on customer sandboxes. Flosum is completely native. No Heroku, no Amazon, no proprietary cloud services.

Create once, deploy multiple times

Stop recreating changesets over and over again. Create once, deploy multiple times.

No additional
training, use the same
platform that you trust!
Compare orgs

Compare any two orgs or compare the same org at different points of time.

Profile & Permission sets Migration

Migrating profiles & permission sets is super painful. Flosum automates profiles and permission set migrations.

Only you have access to your code, data or metadata.
Promote code between orgs

Migrating code between teams is painful. Customers have to use changesets and build-scripts. They have to resolve the dependencies manually. Flosum automates the dependency analysis as well as deploys the entire code at the click of a button.

Destructive Changes

Want to clean up the mess left by that last developer? Remove that unwanted workflow notification email? Destructive changes help you remove unwanted components and refactor your code easily.

Secure enough
to be trusted by
all federal agencies!
Improve team collaboration & visibility

Chatter is not just for business users. Use the power of the Salesforce platform to collaborate with other developers and see what they are working on.