Flosum Expert Level Certification Overview


Course Guidelines

This course is designed for users who have a good base-level knowledge of Flosum and want to learn about more advanced features. The Professional Level Certification is a prerequisite to this course.

The Certification is self-paced, although we highly recommend that users meet certain milestones according to the course schedule below and that all steps be completed as soon as possible.

Users may begin the Flosum Expert Level Certification Course at any time after referring 3 colleagues. As part of the certification, users will be downloading their own Flosum Org and interacting directly with the software. It is very important that instructions are followed EXACTLY as provided, including naming conventions. This enables us to provide seamless support if needed.

After gaining access by referring 3 colleagues, the course will remain available for users to begin on their own time.  Participants are asked to be sure they have ample time to complete the course before downloading their Flosum org. Once downloaded, users will have 14 days to complete the course as Flosum orgs will expire within 14 days.

In a rare case, we may extend the Flosum org, but generally, the users’ access will expire after the 14 day period.

Time Expectation

Users should budget at least two hours every day to work through certification materials. If they do not have the ability to devote this amount of time, we recommend taking the certification at a later date.


If there are any questions related to course content or next steps, users may submit them using the text box at the bottom of each quiz module.
*Questions will be answered via email on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note that responses may take up to 24 hours or one business day.


Orgs for certification cannot be shared. As part of the certification requirements, users will be required to submit their own org ID to show all of the trial steps have been completed.


Professional Level Certification

Certification Course Schedule

Participants are encouraged to stay ahead of the schedule and complete all the sections as soon as they are able.

*The course is self-paced, and it is suggested that users complete the sections as soon as possible. However, for support purposes, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND users complete the following milestones during the 14 days of their trial org.

Day 1: Introductions, Setups,
Day 2: App Dev Flow
Day 3: App Dev Flow
Day 4: Testing, Integrations, Salesforce DX, Dataplier
Day 5: Admin tools, compliance, How to evaluate DevOps solution
Day 6: Flosum Native Version Control, Git + Flosum
Day 7: Prepare for Quiz
Day 8: Prepare for Quiz
Day 9: Take Quiz


Users can begin the certification quiz as soon as all course modules are completed. The pink “Go to Quiz” button can be found on the final module of the course content within the portal. Please note,  once begun, users will have 90 minutes to complete tje quiz.

*The Certification Quiz will be available on the last module of the course.

*The quiz will be timed. Once the “Go to Quiz” button is clicked, users will have 90 minutes to complete the questions and submit the exam for scoring.

*Quiz will have approximately 30 questions and the passing score is 80%

*Quiz will be graded, and users will be notified of their pass/fail status immediately.

*Certificates will be provided via email within 24 hours of passing. Retake options will be emailed directly after the failure of the quiz.


If you have questions, please email