CSA Group Customer Story


As a global leader in safety, testing and inspection services, CSA Group’s aim is to create a:

better, safer and more sustainable world.

Their certification mark appears on billions of products worldwide, providing reassurance to consumers that they are safe for use – and they currently lead North America and Canada in safety and environmental certification standards.


CSA uses salesforce to connect the 2,000 team members they employ and manage the 35,000 clients they serve around the globe. However while developing the salesforce platform to meet their needs they were experiencing several issues including:

  • Problems when using change sets with profiles
  • A lag in development caused by the need to recreate a new set of changesets through each of the testing phases from QA to production
  • Time consuming documentation that was required when making changes to any field
  • Deployments not executing correctly
  • Inability to rollback from production if issues were encountered
  • Global IT team trying to work in multiple time zones to schedule deployments


CSA sought the consultancy services of Coastal Cloud and the application lifecycle management expertise of Flosum to help solve these issues. The experts at Coastal Cloud worked closely with the CSA team to implement the Flosum solution. Flosum’s tool inherently solved the problems with deploying profiles and removed the need to create multiple sets of changesets, saving the developers time and improving efficiency.

We are now able to maintain consistency and speed from org to org so it doesn’t cause any delays.Ilana Martin, a Coastal Cloud consultant working with the CSA team.

The scheduling deployments feature has also come in very handy for the IT team which is spread across several global markets. “Developers were used to having to be at their computers late at night”, says Ilana, “But now being able to schedule a deployment and have confidence that it’s going to do it’s thing correctly really helps the team to achieve a much better work/life balance.”

Ultimately, with the help of Coastal Cloud and Flosum – CSA has been able to save time, escalate their efficiency and even improve the work life balance for their employees.