Comparing Orgs

Developers often need to compare various orgs and deploy changes based on the differences. Flosum provides a wide-variety of functionality to support these comparisons, such as the following:

  • Comparing various orgs
  • Comparing an org with the repository (master branch)
  • Comparing profiles

Flosum can help you compare orgs to get an overview of an application’s development. For example, you can compare a production org to a developer sandbox to determine what changes are pending. You can also compare an org to an earlier version of itself – for example, a QA org before and after deployment.

Flosum is optimized for speed. Comparisons between even large orgs takes less than a minute in most cases.

The screenshot below shows a comparison between the same org at different points in time. This particular example shows the org both before and after development of a particular feature.

A comparison between the same org at different points in time

Yellow lines indicate that the component is present on both the sides, but is different.
Red lines indicate that the component exists on one side, but not the other.

A comparison between the same org at different points in time

Users can create a deployment based on these differences. If required, a user can also compare the code or declarative component between both sides.

In the screen shot, below, you can see that the value of the XML tag has changes. The green section shows that a new field has been created.

Value of the XML tag that have changes
Flosum can also help you compare the org with the version control system (master branch or repository). Based on the differences between the org and the version control, you can compare the code or deploy those differences to bring the org in sync with the repository.