Coastal Cloud Customer Story


Coastal Cloud is a cloud technology consulting company that serves a range of customers from small independent operations to large Fortune 100 customers. As and experts, they help clients build solutions that are flexible, affordable, mobile and social. With a completely on-shore model, Coastal Cloud has consultants strategically located throughout the U.S. They help clients migrate to next-generation systems and innovative solutions in a fraction of the time that it takes traditional consulting firms.



It’s no secret that application delivery and deployment in Salesforce is challenging. For many consultants, application delivery can slow down the entire process. Before Coastal Cloud stepped in, one of our customers had lost 6 months of code which had a severe impact on their business. Coastal Cloud knew they needed a standardized solution with a minimal learning curve that would improve compliance and governance while accelerating the velocity of application delivery.



Coastal Cloud takes a results-driven approach that has led them to implement Flosum as a configuration management solution. Their consultants leverage Flosum to deliver a powerful turnkey platform that is simple to use. As part of their service, Coastal Cloud provides full application delivery methodology and documentation of the artifacts used during the project.

“While the Coastal Cloud team immerses themselves in the different businesses of their clients, one thing remains constant, and that is their reliance on Flosum as a solution,” shares Mike Ackerman, a Senior Technical Architect at Coastal Cloud. “Together, Coastal Cloud and Flosum are focused on client outcomes and tangible business results to help their customers keep pace with the evolution of technology.”