Biopharmaceutical | Customer Story

A large enterprise biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of medicines began researching DevOps solutions to help them better serve their customers.

The technical team at the organization wanted to increase their release speed and minimize their dependency on manual operations so that the team could focus more on other important tasks.

They wanted a customer focused, efficient tool that was cost-effective, could adapt to the new advancements of the industry and promote the consistent growth and development of their team and processes.

Compared to other tools in the market, this enterprise organization found that Flosum met their criteria for a DevOps solution. One of the key Flosum features that impressed them was that Flosum supports all salesforce components and has seamless integration with other tools.

“I hear from our application developers that it’s a huge time saver,” a Lead on their Technical team stated. “Aside from increasing our speed, Flosum was implemented to help increase the quality of our processes and make our teams more comfortable releasing code into production. This also helps promote a great work environment.”


Flosum’s solution allowed the company to minimize their efforts and constantly decrease automated work using new, advanced features with each Flosum release. Flosum’s tracking features helps the team automatically detect conflicts in the environment and the partial deployment feature allows them to cut their deployment time in half by changing and redeploying only the components necessary. This allowed for a seamless CI/CD experience without any gaps.

The Technical lead adds that Flosum is highly recommended, as its features help keep the organization up-to-date and on top of new innovation within the DevOps industry. With each new Flosum release, the team is able to decrease their dependency on manual efforts even more, keeping the team relaxed and confident that they will meet their release timelines.