Enterprise-class DataOps & Data Governance for Salesforce

Your data, in your control.

• Safely backs up all your data to AWS
• Maintains control of your data and metadata with the most secure backup solution
• Upholds Salesforce Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
• Allows organizations with changing Data Residency and compliance needs to keep data
100% compliant at all times
• Locates and recovers lost data at blazing fast speeds

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Protect your data from:

Human Error

Migration errors

Integration issues

Bad Code

Malicious Intent


● Automate your recurring data backups, schedule them in advance, or manually back up your data

● Configure full or incremental backups based on your criteria

● View and drill down into all historical backup data

● Archive data and metadata established by your retention policy


● Monitor archived data and set alerts for changes outside of normal activity

● Track precisely what data is changed, when the change is made

● Remain compliant within GDPR, CCPA, and other data regulations by keeping mission-critical data secure


● Select any two historical backups and automatically compare differences between the data

Locate data that has been added, deleted or altered between the two selections

● Export any amount of data for review


● Select exactly which data or metadata to recover based upon your specific criteria

● Complete a full or partial recovery of any stored data

● Maintain all hierarchical relationships during the recovery process