Australia Post Customer Story


As Australia’s oldest, and continually operating organization, Australia Post is committed to providing reliable and affordable postal, shipping, retail, financial, travel, and documentation services both locally and internationally.

Australia Post employs more than 34,000 people across integrated delivery, logistics, retail, and eCommerce networks.


Australia Post had a full-time developer spending approximately 20-30 hours per week performing deployment activities. These included creating deployment packages, managing Australia Post developers from a change management perspective, and completing Post Validation Testing on deployed components
The progressive increase in deployment time triggered the team at Australia Post to quickly realize they had an inefficient deployment process in place. Their Apex code bases were rapidly growing and they truly needed a structured methodology of component and code release. Australia Post did not have the resources to transfer to an agile method of delivery that was necessary for Australia Post to grow and expand.



Flosum and Coroma were called upon to partner with Australia Post to rectify their business challenges. To reduce the time that the deployment process took, Flosum implemented their component packaging system and reduced packing time from 20-30 hours to 6 hours. Coroma integrated themselves within the existing Australia Post Salesforce delivery team. This allowed Australia Post to continue delivering through their original business process and easily transition to deploying these changes through their implementation with Flosum.
The partnership with Flosum and Coroma did not require significant process changes and allowed Australia Post to generate the following results:

  • Reduced deployment time from 30 average hours to less than 6 hours
  • Average savings of over $50,000 a year in direct resource costs based on 3 users
  • Eliminated the 1-3 week halted production delay in production release time

The ease of use and implementation from Flosum and Coroma made it easy for Australia Post to quickly achieve results.