2016 Salesforce Developers Scholarship

About Us

Most clients are curious about why they would need an additional product for management of salesforce deployments. Essentially, other Salesforce management tools are not as effective as Flosum. They do not provide the full solution concerning release management. For students who wish to pursue a career in Salesforce management, Flosum is willing to provide scholarships.

Flosum helps close that gap that is the main weakness between Salesforce platforms and Release Management. The Salesforce developers offer marketplace solutions combined; they do not provide change management. It is purely built to provide a Salesforce platform. Users of Flosum are mostly Salesforce developers, business analysts and release managers. There is industrial strength that comes with the platform and enlists modern cloud to help salesforce developers to deliver in business value.


Flosum’s main goal is provision of tools through scholarships that aid in helping students wishing to pursue a career in Salesforce management. Flosum’s main goal for reduction of deployment time is using different techniques. The techniques aid users to manage salesforce deployment more effectively.  Flosum has the goal to provide solutions in social change management. Salesforce release notes are provided using the platform. There is exchange of ideas and collaboration apart from Salesforce developers using the platform to ask mundane questions.

There is support for all types of Salesforce metadata API using Flosum. There is visibility for the entire Enterprise and it works well for all organizations. With reduction in deployment time, an organization is sure that there are governor limits and elimination of handoffs on the part of the developers. Apart from team collaboration, there is also visibility across organizations. Therefore, Flosum’s main goal is to increase value to your business, company or organization.

Therefore, the goals that Flosum considers for the benefit of your organization include the following:

  • Executive dashboards that give total visibility, both within the organization and across organizations
  • Automated controls that provide comprehensive governance for your organization’s IT system
  • To prevent catastrophes, there are automatic rollbacks
  • There is complete compliance concerning healthcare, public and financial companies
  • Integration is continuous and this helps in rapid delivery of software by the Salesforce developers ensuring that your organization is always on its toes in that regard.

How to win the Scholarship

Flosum awards a scholarship of 750USD to any needy student in college pursuing Salesforce release management. Alternatively, they have an application lifecycle in management that has a strong interest in the Salesforce field.

There is a likelihood that you will win the scholarship if the course you are taking is leaning towards Salesforce management. This is the main area of concern for Flosum. In case you fall under the interests that Flosum considers as their main vision and mission, you are in luck. You need to have a major interest in such issues as salesforce development. This is their main area of concern.

You need to know the mission and vision of Flosum before applying for the scholarship. The 1000 word essay requires technical knowledge on the difference between ANT migration tools and Salesforce change sets. Essentially, this knowledge is very important if you intend to have a winning essay. Such technical terms as Salesforce sandbox and Salesforce data loader should not be new to you. You need a background in some IT or technical course to write the best paper that will win you the Flosum Scholarship. With this information, you are guaranteed to have a good paper which will show Flosum that you deserve the scholarship.

Scholarship Eligibility

There are some stipulations that you need adhere to before you apply for the scholarship. You can apply for the scholarship using for the academic year 2016-2017. In order to be eligible for application, you need to have the following.

To be an applicant for the scholarship, you must be registered in a 4-year university course in the United States of America. Additionally, the institution must be accredited. In case you are a high school graduate, you must have at least a 3.5 GPA to apply for the scholarship. The fields of learning that one is supposed to pursue in order to be eligible for the scholarship include computer science, computer engineering or any other discipline that is technical such as electrical engineering.


It is imperative to note that your personal information may be used by the administrator of the website if need be for purposes of the scholarship. However, it is only used for the purposes of deciding the winner of the scholarship. Any other information cannot be given to the tax authorities or any other party unless you give consent for the provision of the said information. Additionally, this consent will be something that you have agreed on with the site administrator.

Fundamentally, with a scholarship from Flosum, you are gaining a world of knowledge in Salesforce management. You are in a position to use the best tools to work for organization that normally coordinate with other organizations as their tools allow for this. The metadata types provide for field level security, validation rules and migration of custom fields.

In case you work in a financial institution, you know that Flosum is the ultimate solution. There are great reviews from those who have used Flosum tools for audits and governance. The process of release management and lifecycle management is made easy using Flosum.

Gaining the scholarship means, you have all this knowledge at your fingertips. As a part of IT governance, you can sleep soundly at night as the release management and lifecycle process is rather easy.

You have a cloud solution that allows your organization to be operational in a few minutes. There are many Salesforce employees and system integrators who recommend Flosum tools. Therefore, ensure that you apply for the Flosum scholarship in order to get into this new world of Salesforce git & Salesforce github. You will not regret having pursued your salesforce management course through a Flosum scholarship.  Apart from this if you need to the winner of 2015 Flosum scholarship, click here.

The deadline of scholarship is 15th December 2016


Scholarship Winner:

We have to announce the winner of “2016 Salesforce Developers Scholarship”.

Winner student – Nilay Kodnani, San Jose State University